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Welcome to Kate Bradstreet Communications

Kate Bradstreet Communications can help direct your communication requirements to ensure your business is on the road to success.

Kate believes every business or organisation should have a strategic approach to help achieve the best communication outcomes.

With the multitude of platforms and the rapidly expanding online environment, communication planning is even more crucial to ensure your business uses the right tools and methods to connect with your audience.

Communication planning should be an integral part of your annual business planning.

This will help you achieve the successful positioning of your business both in the immediate term and for identifying growth opportunities in the longer-term.

Kate Bradstreet Communications will help guide you on the direction your organisation needs to build its reputation, manage relationships and communicate key messages with your target audiences.




Strength of Service

Without Kate’s level-head, diplomatic nature and bloody-minded determination, we never would have got there. She knows which side of a story is up – and she knows how to persuade people to fall in line so that story can be told,
Andrew DentonAustralian Television Personality
Kate’s dedication to the television series was the difference between going ahead or setting it aside as just an ‘idea’,
Mick KeeltyFormer AFP Commissioner
As a media manager, Kate is one of the best in the business due to her knowledge of the industry and the capacity to think quickly and smartly on her feet. She has the respect of many people in the media and communications industry as someone who delivers on her promises and acts with integrity,
Jane O’BrienCommunications Consultant
Kate Bradstreet was one of the most outstanding students in the Master of Strategic Communication program at the University of Canberra. Not only did she excel in her studies but she was capable of integrating the knowledge base to her work,
Sora Park, Associate ProfessorUniversity of Canberra

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