aboutKate Bradstreet is a Canberra-based communications specialist who works with organisations and businesses to direct their communication pursuits to achieve positive outcomes.

Kate has spent 13 years developing and implementing communication strategies and managing media relations for many high-profile international and domestic issues and events, including crises in East Timor, the Bali bombings and the introduction of the carbon price legislation in Australia.

Working with executive teams, Kate has a solid understanding of the key influences and drivers of organisations and the need for clear and concise communication activities.

Kate has a proven track record of getting in and getting things done. During her career she has managed large teams to deliver communication activities in high-profile and delicate situations. She has achieved results against backdrops that are politically charged, highly sensitive and required delivery within tight time frames.

As Media Advisor to the AFP Commissioner, Kate provided strategic direction to the AFP Senior Executive and delivered communication responses to a large number of very high-profile and large scale media events. These included the second Bali bombing, the Garuda plane crash in Indonesia, the sudden and untimely death of the ACT Chief Police Officer, the successful capture and return of drug lord Tony Mokbel, the Solomon Islands riots and unrest in East Timor.