Issues Management

issuemanagementEffective communication issues management is one of the core services offered by Kate Bradstreet Communications. Every business has issues that play out publically that have the ability to affect its reputation, relationships and effective engagement.

In developing an issues diagnosis of your business, the following criteria will be assessed:

Issues – What are the issues facing your business/organisation and what are the communication requirements?

Actors – Who is promoting and supporting the issues and why?

Interests – Who opposes the issues and where are they voicing their opposition?

Impacts – What are the short, medium and long-term impacts the issue might have on your business?

Assets – Is there strong support for the issue?

The analysis will include an examination of your key stakeholders and their current position on issues that have the ability to affect, or are affecting your organisation and how these issues may develop in the longer-term.

Kate’s ability to understand what constitutes an issue, how the media will cover it and how to influence its direction, will be beneficial to your business to achieve effective issues management.