Online and digital communication

online&digitalAs a director within a high profile Australian Government department, Kate was responsible for leading a team who developed and implemented one of the most crucial Government digital engagement and online campaigns in 2011/2012. This was the first time the Prime Minister and the Government launched a policy platform through a website and online engagement approach with the Australian community.

In a highly contentious policy space, Kate developed and implemented a holistic communications strategy by identifying opportunities to engage with the Australian public. The strategy involved linking key messages from the advertising campaign to the online campaign and ensuring all external facing communication activities, including call-centre management and stakeholder engagement, were connected and strategic to achieve key outcomes.

Kate Bradstreet Communications can help direct your online communication solutions, including digital engagement and social media approaches, to ensure your business achieves the best online presence to attract and engage existing and new clients.

Many businesses are finding it difficult to adapt to the technological advancements in the online environment. There are many opportunities for businesses and organisations to use the digital space to advance their communication objectives.

Strategies for how to effectively utilise the online space can be developed and presented to the executive to ensure they are onboard with the approach and understand the benefits of operating in this space.