Major Government online and digital engagement initiative

cases1Situation:  Tasked with developing the website and digital engagement approach for a major and controversial Australian Government policy package, Kate led a specialised team to develop and implement a strategy that would engage the Australian public and provide access to relevant, current and useful information.

Strategy:  The Australian public had been disengaged about the subject matter and were confused due to the complexity of the issue and the political debate. Kate led the development of an integrated website that engaged specific audience segmented groups.

Development:  In addition to the website, a layered approach of using numerous authoritative voices through short videos and animations was produced. Breaking down complex information was vital to ensure connectivity to disengaged audiences. A series of three short animations proved an innovative and effective way of engaging audiences. This strategy proved to breakdown complex information into a clear, digestible and creative format.

To date, these videos have had more than 150,000 views on YouTube.

To ensure an integrated approach, an online campaign of engaging people through the use of news feeds, social media including Facebook, Twitter and YouTube engagement was implemented.

Outcome:  The website was used as a platform to launch the Australian Government’s major policy initiative. In addition to the complex information that was presented through the legislation, the website used creative ways to present and produce engaging information for different target audiences. Since its inception it has received more than 500,000 visits. Positive feedback about the website, with a particular focus on the easily accessible information, was received from clients.