Andrew Denton, Australian Television Personality and Owner Zapruders Other Films

“Kate worked with Zapruders Other Films as the AFP Project Manager helping us set up the TV series ‘AFP’ for Channel Nine. This was the first time the AFP, Australia’s peak national – and international – law enforcement body, had ever allowed cameras in its midst. With highly sensitive operations, covering everything from counter terrorism to multi-billion dollar drug busts, the logistical challenges of shooting this series far outstripped anything of a similar nature shot in Australia before.

To make it harder, both Zapruders and the AFP were starting from scratch – so we had to learn everything as we went. It is fair to say that, without Kate’s level-head, diplomatic nature and bloody-minded determination, we never would have got there.

She knows which side of a story is up – and she knows how to persuade people to fall in line so that story can be told.”


Former Australian Federal Police Commissioner Mick Keelty, AO APM

endorsmentstab“Kate worked for me for several years in the pivotal role of media and public relations. Being a former journalist herself, Kate had developed and maintained excellent and positive relationships with key figures in the media industry in Australia. Her role extended to establishing and managing relationships with Ministerial Staff and media advisors to several Australian Government and State Government Ministers. In addition, from time to time, Kate was required to manage media issues with foreign law enforcement agencies when joint international operations were underway.

Importantly, Kate became an integral part of the internal and external communications of the Australian Federal Police at a time of unprecedented growth in both responsibilities and profile.

Kate performed all of these roles professionally and with integrity.

After lengthy negotiations a deal was struck with Zapruders Other Films to produce a documentary style television program to promote the people of the AFP and the work they undertake both in Australia and abroad. It was a complex project and one that demanded timely and thoughtful project management. Kate worked with both Zapruders and AFP as the interlocutor to decide on the themes and content of the programs which have since gone to air on Channel 9 in Australia. Kate’s knowledge of journalism, public relations and the core business of the AFP delivered what was to become an outstanding product resulting in contracts between the parties for further programs beyond the original project.

Kate’s dedication to this project was the difference between going ahead or setting it aside as just an ‘idea’.

Kate is a delightful person to work with and is extremely good with people especially when it comes to negotiation and presentation of conflicting ideas. Her project management skills and industry knowledge are rare in the field of public relations.”


Anita Jacoby, Executive Producer of Television Series, AFP

“Kate Bradstreet was one of the key people working behind the scenes through much of the planning and filming of the prime-time TV series, AFP for the Nine Network. Kate has amazing organisational skills.

As a journalist, she also recognises a story and instinctively knows what is needed to tell that story. Having worked closely with the most senior management at the AFP, she knows the importance of high level diplomacy and how to case manage highly sensitive issues.

She is very skilled at developing strategies and managing the media.”


Jane O’Brien, Communications Consultant

“Kate’s greatest strength is her ability to find solutions and make progress towards the ‘big picture’ goal, whatever the complications or challenges might be.

I have worked with Kate in many high-pressure and volatile situations but have never known her to lose her professionalism, insight or determination to achieve the right result.

She can quickly analyse situations and produce high quality products at short notice as well as detailed plans that can help organisation’s achieve their long term objectives.

Kate has a great passion for communications and knows how to use different tools to affect change. She also has a strong sense of loyalty and gives 100 per cent commitment to the people and organisations that employ her.

As a media manager, Kate is one of the best in the business due to her knowledge of the industry and the capacity to think quick and smart on her feet. She has the respect of many people in the media and communications industry as someone who delivers on her promises and acts with integrity.”


Sora Park, Associate Professor/Course Convenor of Media and Public Affairs, University of Canberra

“Kate Bradstreet was one of the most outstanding students in the Masters of Strategic Communication program at the University of Canberra. Not only did she excel in her studies but she was capable of integrating the knowledge base to her work. The University of Canberra has recognised her calibre by awarding her the Dean’s Excellence Award in 2011.

She brings excellent credentials to the communication field with her Masters in Strategic Communication and extensive experience in the area of communications and issues management. She has expertise both in traditional and digital media in dealing with strategic decisions in communication.

As a student, she was always willing to learn, kept an open mind for different viewpoints and was never short of new ideas.

I then approached her to become an Academic Tutor for the media undergraduate students in Media Industries and Audiences, a position which she brought her extensive industry experience to help guide and support the students.

Anyone who works with her will find it a delightful experience.”


Kathy Sharpe, Group Editor, South Coast, Fairfax Regional Media

“Kate was appointed to the position of editor at the bi-weekly Bay Post/Moruya Examiner at an exceptionally young age. Having earned her stripes as a tenacious young journalist, I never had any doubt that she possessed the maturity and intelligence to succeed in this role.

After four years, Kate moved on to further her career at metropolitan print publications before branching out into wider communication roles in larger arenas. A hallmark of Kate’s time in newspapers was her strong connection to and engagement with her community.

She is confident, personable and diplomatic when dealing with people of all age groups and backgrounds. She is a clear thinker who is undaunted by complex and difficult problems and approaches every task with energy and determination.”